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Tests for blood cancer ...the bills!!

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Just wanted to report back…I got a check from Medicare. Seems they sent the money to me, then i have to send the payments in. I'm honestly not sure if its 80 percent of the bill, it's too much paperwork to figure out. Hubby said just pay it, and it should balance out at some point. I dont understand all deductables, etc…and yet my S.S has dropped because of Medicare. There were also minor tests like manganese, think glucose, and 2 others they dont cover…i paid for those too.
Now my primary dr wants to do an annual blood test but i see some are repeats of what i just had, some I'm not taking it. I already showed him my current results, and only need a cholesterol test. I'm afraid Medicare wont cover another blood test…so I'll ask him again to just check what wasn't done. I agree with all of you about the added stress….i freak out when i see Mayo's mail.

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@dazlin Good for you! Looking over all your bills sent and bloodwork requests will be beneficial for you. I went on Medicare in July, and prior to that had private insurance. For many years there are things that have been monitored every three or six months. Now to convince Medicare that these tests are indeed needed. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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