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Entire spine hurts - Due to Fibromyalgia?

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I have a supplement plan added to medicare. I have plan F, expensive but since I have so much wrong. I also have the top plan for part D. To help with drugs. My hydroxyzine and lyrica copay each $37 a month. Lyrica for tingling in arm, rest free covered by insurance. I also use aspercream 4% lidocreme, really helps with nerve pain. Had cortisone shots in back. Had 8 shots in lower back at once, did nothing. Very nice pain dr. I manage well, it's getting up in morning, can barely move my body excruciating pain, take 600 mg of ibuprofen, feed dog & me, back to bed. Rest definitely helps me. Whatever works for everyone is great. I have had a few seizures last few yrs, take keppra. When I go home and cuddle with dog life will be great. Broke ankle, fell Dr said fall again, 3 times never walk again. Have ms, in rehab can't stand 2-3 mos.

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In response to 47 frustrated. I totally disagree with drs blaming everything on fibro. Get new drs. Lazy attitudes when they don't know what's wrong. Please soon your symptoms sound like a lot of other things but not fibro. Back issues like bulging discs not fibro. Find a pain dr for back and see a DO Dr instead of an MD they deal with muscle, & nerve issues. Also have gentle manipulations, she gently moves arms and legs, DO's trained in this. Like a massage but insurance pays. Done in 15 mins.helps immensely for back issues, usually first 3 weeks, then back moves back. But you can move amazing how well it works.

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