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Entire spine hurts - Due to Fibromyalgia?

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I get lidocaine injections primarily in along my spine from neck all the way to low back, sometimes in piriformis (muscle in buttocks), upper trapezius. Lidocaine patches are also helpful for me when i have more localized pain.
Baclofen is an anti-seizure medicine and muscle relaxant.
I've been on low dose naloxone for almost a year. I think it does help; I am very active despite the FM. But I feel like i am able to do more without increasing my pain meds. You can get more information about naltrexone at: http://www.ldnscience.org. There has been more research showing that low does naltrexone is beneficial in the treatment of FM. It's not always covered by insurance but i am lucky that my ins covers it. Check with different compounding pharmacies; i found the one in my small town did not but then at another compounding pharmacy it was covered by my insurance.

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@leilanis thanks I will look into it that's the class of meds most are for FM anti-seizure

Very helpful leilanis! As a former alcohol and drug counselor, I was a bit taken aback by the suggestion of naltrexone. I also appreciate your information about baclofen. My restless legs have not responded to treatment (Requip, Gabepentin, Cinemet, and a host of other Parkinson's drugs) very well and I end up having to keep augmenting until the dose is high enough that the side effects interfere with other parts of my life. Good point about compounding pharmacies too.

I have a supplement plan added to medicare. I have plan F, expensive but since I have so much wrong. I also have the top plan for part D. To help with drugs. My hydroxyzine and lyrica copay each $37 a month. Lyrica for tingling in arm, rest free covered by insurance. I also use aspercream 4% lidocreme, really helps with nerve pain. Had cortisone shots in back. Had 8 shots in lower back at once, did nothing. Very nice pain dr. I manage well, it's getting up in morning, can barely move my body excruciating pain, take 600 mg of ibuprofen, feed dog & me, back to bed. Rest definitely helps me. Whatever works for everyone is great. I have had a few seizures last few yrs, take keppra. When I go home and cuddle with dog life will be great. Broke ankle, fell Dr said fall again, 3 times never walk again. Have ms, in rehab can't stand 2-3 mos.

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