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Entire spine hurts - Due to Fibromyalgia?

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I only take ibuprofen for all pain, refuse opieds. And others, these work great for all pain. Just broke right ankle can't stand for 2 months in rehab, stopped ibuprofen handling pain, but for all pain take 2-3 at a time, rheumatologist said I can take 14 in a day, most taken is 5. I take lyrica for severe tingling in right arm, cutting back to one pill a day. I gained 25 lbs when started I 2005. Lyrica does not touch anything else not even the fibro, diagnosed in 84. I ignore it have to, have 4 scary rare diseases, 5 autoimmunes and epilepsy voice tremors only take one depakote., Severe fingers tremors can't test diabetes, osteoporosis started fosamax again, it can hurt your kidneys, but fractures scare me now, Dr said break ankle again(broke twice) will never walk again. have the lottery of life. Just read on autoimmune web site that fibro is Not an autoimmune it seems to pair up with other autoimmunes. My kidney Dr said hopefully in 10 yrs they will figure out all this mess I have. Been going to a DO Dr they specialize in manipulations, she does gentle ones, no pain but in 15 mins she fixes back pain for a couple of months, til it slides back. It's amazing what she does and how it works. I had a cortisone shot didn't help, then 8 shots at once in lower back awful pain, pain Dr said hold still, didnt help, then another cortisone that helped.

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@anniemaggie How,d you get so lucky lol. poor thing you are certainly a warrior to survive all you have Be careful of the Ibuprofen and other otc meds I know when I had my heart by pass the Dr put me on 3Ibuprofen but only for a short period but I didn't have what you do. I'm glad you are going to a DO Dr I do too .How did you stand 8shots that Dr should be tarred and feathered .With my back problems a hot shower really helps and I use pain rubs all over my back I found a long handeled backbrush with padding on end I use of course I am a widow like I mentioned before ice bag and heating pad are my friends. Hope my suggestions help .Bless you warrior .

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