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Taking son to mayo this month

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@ihatediabetes, rather than be worried, I might suggest you ask questions on the patient portal. Ask them why they are being vigilant about the optic nerve and what it might indicate. Additionally, I would ask how you can help. What might you keep a look out for?
Getting a follow-up appointment in 3-4 months is also a good time to ask questions.

@frank, welcome back the Mayo Clinic Connect. Yes, a lot has changed since you were here last. Have a look around. Let me know if there is a group or discussion topic I can help you find.

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Hi I know we have to come back for more pictures in 3 or 4 months. Then they compare the pictures to see if anything has changed. The same thing is happening with my son's cardiovascular system because of his genetic syndrome. That's why my son has had a pediatric cardiologist since three years old. They are following him for life. So the eye doctors said they would follow my son's eyes. And its good that all his medical records are in the same place. Last time we were they put a blood pressure monitor on my son's arm and said to walk around for eight hours. Then they said he had hypertension and started him on meds. So I already do worry about my son's health. It's just now I might have to worry about his eyes in addition to his cardiovascular system. I'm also supposed to worry about calcium but I don't know how to do that. I do have a lot of stories and history at Mayo Clinic. This isn't my first rodeo. We are veterans.