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Type 1 Surprise

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Hi my son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is there anything that can reverse this?

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Hello @santina, Welcome to Connect. I'm sorry to hear that your son has type 1 diabetes but I'm glad you found Connect. It's a great place to meet others with similar health problems and learn what they are doing for treatments. I don't have diabetes but have always been told by my doctors that I am pre-diabetic. I'm hoping other members will add suggestions for you but while you wait you might want to see the following discussions:

Video Q&A about Technology Advances in Diabetes Treatment

Mayo Clinic Minute: Advancing technology making Type 1 diabetes management easier

I'm tagging @dawn_giacabazi, @kdubois and @lisalucier to see if they have any suggestions.

@santina after your son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes did his doctors come up with a treatment plan?


yes our doctor is putting our son on a pump.

Hello @santina,

I'd like to add my welcome, and also let you know that I moved your discussion and combined it with this existing discussion as I thought it would be beneficial for you to be introduced to other members talking about Type 1 diabetes.
If you click on VIEW & REPLY in your email notification, you will see the whole discussion and can join in, meet, and participate with other members talking about their or their loved ones' experiences.

I also found a recently published study, that shows how patients who had been treated with the BCG vaccine – vaccine used to prevent tuberculosis – had normal blood sugar levels eight years after the trial ended, and their Type 1 diabetes was reversed to almost undetectable levels. You can read the details here:
@santina and @johnbishop @hopeful33250 are you familiar with these findings?