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@jakedduck1 If your bracelet is sterling, can't you just clean it yourself with a good silver cleaner? I generally do unless I really destroy the finish by forgetting to take something off when I am in the chlorinated pool.
For those of you who have had transplants and wear these bracelets, what do you put on them, just "liver transplant patient"? If I do choose to get one I would like gold since I spend a lot of time in the pool but solid gold sure is pricey. I don't believe that gold-filled lasts long if wearing constantly, I've never had it.

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Mine is inscribed with: (this will depend on how many lines are available for message)
and since it is from Medic Alert, it also has:
CALL IMMEDIATELY (Medic Alert has its contact phone stamped into the metal)
XXXXXXXXXXX (My identification number)

@rosemarya Thanks. I will have to give this some thought. It never occurred to me before this was brought up in conversation and it was never suggested at MGH.

I don't know if anyone mentioned it to us or if we read it somewhere.

Here is what I can locate in my printed materials that I have kept for my own Liver transplant reference and my kidney transplant reference.
I find it interesting that, whenever I have gone to the ER the attending nurse takes a look at mine. I'm not sure why, though.

@rosemarya I spoke to my husband, and ordered him a bracelet. It will give me peace of mind. I also ordered one for me, as I am a CKD patient (stage 3b), and allergic to bee stings and some medications. I feel the annual fee is a small price to pay for ease of mind. Both of these are through Medic Alert, thanks to all the information people shared here and my own research on the internet.

@gingerw, I hope that you, your husband, and I never need to use it!


Back in the day, 50 years ago a gold bracelet was $24.00, a silver $9.00 and stainless $6.00. Of course gold was $35.00 an once not $1200.00 like today. About 5-7 years ago MedicAlert bracelets were $1900-$2100. But gold was $1,900.00 too. Gold is very durable but like silver it also tarnishes. I take mine to the office and let them clean mine since I live close by. I have cleaned it a couple times but not with polish. I put a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of the sink, boiled some water and add some salt and pour it on the foil and dropped my bracket in and the tarnish vanishes
instantly. Works great, no fuss no mess. Try it, you’ll be amazed.