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Medic Alert

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I talked to my "favorite" firefighter today. He explained to me his experience as a First Responder.

-As a professional firefighter with EMT training and certification, his role is to treat accident victims until the ambulance and medics arrive (matter of minutes) Mostly they work to stop bleeding, open airways… They only carry only a few medications. Then the EMT takes over and transport patient to the nearest trauma center. (usually 4 minutes away for his district) So it would be the trauma team who would be checking the medical ID's – if the patient is unconscious, or unable to communicate or alone with no one to speak for them. He said that the EMT's might need to check information if there is a long transport (rural areas) or if there is an airlift transport.
-He said that the EMT training manual does include information about the neck or bracelet IDs.
-Firefighters and EMT's will NOT go thru someone's purse or wallet. But , they do send the purse along to the trauma center with the patient.

We are all different. We all have different needs. This is his experience, and his department's standard of practice. It might give you some ideas to consider.

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@rosemarya Just yesterday I was in class for CERT [community emergency response team], and the firefighters brought this same thing up. We were going through field First Aid training. I had spoken to my husband earlier this week after reading this thread. He was supposed to wear an alert when he was on PD before the transplant, but never did. Not sure if he understands it is a measure of care and concern for me, that he has info available to emergency personnel. Not everyone carries a phone everywhere, and an emergency can happen at any time. I am leaning towards Medic Alert, for the ability to store data.

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