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You are not alone elderdiana I too have GCA, was confirmed early on in my PMR treatment…..I am ok thankfully as I am under a wonderful Hosptilal in Portland Oregon …OHSU……I am sorry you are having trouble but you are not on your own…..let us know how you get on…..Beryl

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Hello again @lioness,

Thank you for the great feedback! It really helps to know that it appears to be helping you! Also, I am the one with a beginning MD, John doesn't have it, though he does have the beginning of Glaucoma, so he will take the supplement as well.

About the cost: You may want to try Amazon, I found the supplement on Amazon for about $11 dollars cheaper than CVS:
I ordered it yesterday and my first bottle will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Note that Amazon also offers a periodic shipment for "ANOTHER" 5% discount! Not bad! I didn't subscribe yesterday because I wanted to hear from others on the forum; but now that I have heard from a few (including you!!) I will subscribe to the periodic shipment and save even more!


Hello @suemer,

Can I ask you how much you pay for 120 pills at Walmart? It costs $23.60 at Amazon. Thanks! D

@danielad your welcome and I will check Amazon does your husband have to take drops for his glucoma? This goes along with M.F as I have it also so he is wise to start it good luck

@lioness, I am sorry, I said glaucoma, but I meant cataracts (!!!). D

I had my left eye done two years ago D and I am just fine …..waiting for the other to be ready …..I certainly will not fear the op….so don't worry about it ….they say having to put the drops in after is the hardest thing Ha ha ……

@are they ready to be taken off I had cataract surgery in 09 on both eyes it sure does help you dont see or fee a thing

You are so funny @beryl! The Opthamologist doesn't see the need for surgery just yet. He said that maybe in 2/3 years John may need to have cataract surgery in one eye, but the doctor didn't see it happening before then. D

ooo. that is a better deal but can you use a coupon at Amazon? Otherwise, it's about the same.