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You are not alone elderdiana I too have GCA, was confirmed early on in my PMR treatment…..I am ok thankfully as I am under a wonderful Hosptilal in Portland Oregon …OHSU……I am sorry you are having trouble but you are not on your own…..let us know how you get on…..Beryl

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Hello Beryl,

This is not about PMR or GCA, but I wonder if this information could help you with respect to "eye support":

I have just found out that I have one of the traits for "Macular Degeneration" and my eye doctor saw the very beginning of MD in one of my eyes (he didn't know about my trait!). When he told me that, I asked what I should do to "prevent" this from occurring. He said to use very good sun glasses and he also recommended "PreserVision® AREDS 2 Formula" — It's an over-the-counter supplement for the eyes. He said he has had excellent reviews from his patients. I have just ordered a bottle from Amazon. It is quite a bit cheaper than CVS.

Should you want to try the supplement, I would certainly ask your doctor if it is OK to add it to your meds; you never know!


@danielad @beryl. I also have M.D. The opthmolgist told me to take it Usually your eye Dr will recommend it .

Hi @lioness,

Your opthamologist told you to take "PreserVision® AREDS 2 Formula"? That's good news! Do you find it helps? D.

I take PreserVision AREDS 2 and have for a few years. I have wet macular degeneration. We are trying to prevent it as long as possible in the other eye. I take injections in that eye very 12-16 weeks. I can't tell you if it works or not. I am only hoping that it lengthens the time before my other eye gets it. I was told it would happen sooner or later.

By the way, you can get it at any Walmart and they are the cheapest even after Amazon. Usually you can find a coupon for $3 off 1 bottle and $7 off 2 bottles. I have taken them for years as I said and researched this.

@danilad. Yes it does Ive been takeing it for about 6months and exam a couple of weeks ago showed no more progress on the M.D. Plus she has me go for a indepth picture of my eyes Tell him to be proactive for his eyes we dont want to lose our sight. Even though they are around 32.00 its worth it you get a coupon in each box.

@sorry you have to get injection och I have the dry and take ARD also

Hi D thank you so much for the information ….
I will certainly look this up for myself and my husband Ainslie , it is so important to look after the eyes , and as for the sunglasses I will make sure mine are up to scratch ……thank you again and I hope things are working out for you and John…..Berylx

You are very welcome Beryl! It's available at CVS, but I have ordered it from Amazon because the price difference is approx. $11 dollars!
Enjoy the day! D

Thank you @suemer!