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Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor (@rosemarya)

Pre -Transplant Diet and Exercise Ideas

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Thanks ladies for helping us discuss how important it is to be in shape for the changing moment of our lives. We will need all of our energy just to get thru the operation!
For me, that was a big wake up call. I somehow…managed to put on 20 lbs in 1 yr after diagnosis of Stage 4 Cirrhosis. I was and still am dead tired…not even able to get out of bed some days. No appetite…didnt even want to see the kitchen let alone go to the food store. As a young woman I was always athletic and active..cheerleader..aerobic dancing instructor…didnt know what a diet was! Suddenly I find myself in strange territory. Some of the answers are there..water retention…portal hypertension and throw in a little HE for fun! So after my evaluation at Mayo Jax…things are changing…
Because each of us has our own special set of complications… ie diabetes, etc. each of us has a different plan of attack.
I am now on the Medditeranean Diet. It's not too hard on me because I always ate pretty healthy food. The water weight was killing me so Im now reading labels and eliminating sugar and salt…best I can. I spent a whole day researching before I even attempted the grocery store. Remember nothing in a box, bag, or can is your friend. Read the labels. Fluids are very difficult for me. I never drank coffee, gave up
beer and soda years ago…not a big fan of water as I don't think it's a good idea to switch around especially when traveling. Thought fruit juice would work … still too much sugar…switched to lemonade watered down…didnt work. So…..I found bottled water that I add fresh berries or fruit and a pinch of Stevia …seems to be working. Diuretics were increased and now Im losing weight and have a little more spunk. Exercise is a whole other subject that I will talk about next time I get the motivation to get on here again.
That's part of what I am doing. I cant tell you how important finding motivation is. We each find it differently. We just have to be receptive to desiring to make the effort….
It is worth it…you WILL, of course, make yourself ready for receiving that gift of life. The former owner of my new liver deserves it….
Carry on…..

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@jeanne5009, You mentioned that you changed things after your JAX visit and that you have started the Mediterranean diet. After years with no restrictions, how difficult as it for you to begin to become conscious of/and adhere to a healthy eating program?

This is the real deal diet. It's not about losing lbs….its all about being healthy when it's my turn. Adaption is regulated by motivation and I have it! I have cut sugar and salt to the bone…I read every label…I stopped drinking juice and lemonade and went to 0 calorie flavored water. Sometimes I add a scant pinch of Stevia and berries. The Medditeranean Diet has enough REAL food that I don't starve and I switch menu plan items around.
I have lost 8 solid Lbs. The Dr. increased my spirolactone too so Im sure that accounts for most of it. I feel better too.
Except…for the bone spurs in both feet ..one with a tiny Achilles tear…Ugh.. Have to wear braces and PT 3 X wk for 1 Mo.
It is what it is…I thought only athletes got this stuff.
Imperative to repair and strenghten for down the road….Feet don't fail me now!!! LOL

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