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@dillysmom25 I see you are a new member to connect and am so sorry about your son.
It depends on the kind of lymphoma your son has on how they will treat it?
I have what is called Follicular Lymphoma and the Dr's put me on a watch and wait approach. Blood work every 6 months, and Ct scans once a year.
Does your son have a Lawyer that you can get to fight on his behalf, that he needs to see a Dr? What kind of testing was done to determine he had a mass in his colon?That should be removed if he does. I am sure it is very stressful too for your son, and that could be the cause of lymphoma acting up. Stress is not good for lymphoma patients.
I wish you best praying it all works out for your son.

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Hi there. I just have been diagnosed as having mild Lymphoma. I dont know anything about it. Cancer Doctor said its just at the monitoring stage right now. I do know that my spleen is enlarged as well as I have low iron. I’m also feeling crappy as I’m 11 weeks after fnishing taking a horrible drug called Effexor. Can anyone shed any light on how a person wih Lymphoma feels!!!!!! Thank you.