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lilcountry (@lilcountry)

Infundibulum or aneurysm?

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Hello @lilcountry

It sounds as if your doctor is being thorough in his follow up. You stated in your post above, "I’ve never had any problems like this before, and to be honest I am scared. Should I get a second opinion?"

Please know that it is always your right to get a second opinion. The second opinion would best come from a large university medical center (where there are a lot of specialists who consult and work as a team) or research-oriented hospital such as a Mayo Clinic facility (there are three, in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona).

Please keep in touch, I look forward to hearing how this problem is being resolved and what you are doing to reduce your anxiety about this diagnosis.


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I will definitely keep in touch! I am hoping they find an answer for it all. I’ve just never had to see a neurologist before and when he mentioned having to “poke around in my peanut” as we are calling it now, it has me a bit rattled. Thank you for the advice, just not sure if I should bother with a large university center or if I am overreacting here.