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Possible vascular Dementia

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My first question is "Are you still driving?" The next one is "Will someone take you to your appointment?" Having a good support system/team can be one of the best things we can have. Yes, you have every right to be scared, strokes are not something I would want my worst enemy to have, well……maybe. I had two strokes the first one in November of 2014, the second in December of 2014. When I was discharged from the hospital in January of 2015 the doctors didn't know if I needed Hospice or Palliative Care. I spent two months in rehab came home to live by myself and I'm still living by myself.

Have you noticed your blood pressure higher in the early morning? I understand that is normal. When you take your BP do you sit for about 5 minutes, take it, wait a minute or two, take it again, then do it a third time. Look at the 3 readings, throw out the high and low, keeping the one in the middle. This gives a more accurate reading. My highest BP was when I was having a migraine, so I wouldn't suggest taking your BP when you are having a migraine.

Keep as accurate records as you can. If someone is with you have them add to your records. If you feel comfortable having someone with you when you see the doctor you may want them to be with you. If you do not want someone with you, you may want to ask your doctor for a copy of your record. I'm always given a copy of my record when I leave.

I have never had some of the symptoms you have shared and I hope that your doctor can wave that magic wand and make everything better. If you feel your questions are not answered see if you can have a second opinion. Good luck.


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Thank you for responding. I went to my Dr. Apt yesterday and he stated that first and foremost we need to get my migraines under control. He upped my dosage for my migraine medication and my anti depressant. He states I do not have the vascular Dementia but my severe and constant migraines are giving me the symptoms. This will be a process. I don't want another stroke so getting my migraines and blood pressure under control is key. I take my blood pressure usually a half hour after I have been up in the morning and in the evening before and after dinner or when and if I feel my bp needs to be checked if I feel off. I am very lucky for my support system, my best friend is an Operating room RN and my boyfriend is very supportive and loving. I am trying to stay positive and find things that make me relax and happy, it is hard at times though because each day I find it difficult to live with these migraines and it feels like more is going on than the Dr. Understands. I know my body and something is really off. I will do as he says and take my meds/water/relax etc. Thank you again~!

Hello @lilacs1978

I do so appreciate the update! It sounds like you received some helpful ideas from your doctor! That is good.

I can imagine how difficult it must be to deal with migraines, etc. Have you ever visited the American Migraine Foundation?
Here is a link to their website. https://americanmigrainefoundation.org/ You might find some helpful information there.

Have you ever tried walking in water? It is a very gentle exercise and very relaxing. There are many Members on Connect (including myself) who are big proponents of water walking. I'm going to invite @contentandwell to discuss this as well. Please check with your doctor before starting this or another exercise program.

By the way, are there any stroke support groups in your area? Often they are part of senior centers. While I realize you are still younger than most stroke survivors you might find their information helpful as well.

I look forward to hearing from you again. I hope you begin to improve.


@hopeful33250 @lilacs1978 I too was a horrible migraine sufferer, and my daughter is now. My mother was also. I never heard of water walking to help but it does not surprise me. if we up at the lake when I got one I found floating on my back tremendously soothing. Unfortunately, the relief did not last for long after getting out of the water, but for those moments it was bliss. Not only was it relaxing but the cool water just felt so good.

How frequently do you get your migraines? Mine were definitely hormone related, and they are the most difficult to get relief from because there is a real chemical/hormonal cause. I also found that eating certain things would either guarantee a migraine or make one worse — chocolate, onions, pickles, and I forget what else. It took me a long time to finally admit that chocolate was a problem, but I could eat white chocolate – even the real white chocolate, not just the white confection that has no actual cocoa butter in it. Now that I can eat regular chocolate I love it and have a bit daily — sometimes more than a bit. ;-(

I do a lot of pool walking now, this morning I did a water aerobics class for an hour, and then did my own water walking for another half hour. I am pretty vigorous so it probably would not be as good for migraine but I definitely imagine doing it at a slower pace would help. Thankfully there seem to medications these days that do provide relief although I know from my daughter that they do not always. It is better though than when I had migraines that lasted three days, occasionally four.

Thanks, @contentandwell, I was actually thinking about the water-walking as a way to exercise for the blood pressure problems not actually the migraines. It is interesting to know that floating on your back did offer you some relief though.

@kathyec and @sandytoes have also mentioned migraines. Perhaps they will join in this conversation as well.


@hopeful33250 BP problems are something I have not had, yet. I’m sort of border now though.
When I had cirrhosis I felt positively smug because my BP was great, and then I found out after transplant that cirrhosis tends to make your BP lower.