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@jgalello, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am terribly sorry to hear about your constant struggle with these infections. The underlying cause could be the autoimmune issues you are having like celiac disease, adrenal fatigue, and borderline thyroid issues. Have you considered seeing a rheumatologist to review everything?

I did find a list of physicians that treat candida in Maryland. You might have to dig a little to make sure that is one of their specialties. https://www.medicinenet.com/yeast_infection_in_women_and_men/columbia-md_city.htm

@jgalello, Have you asked your physician about the IV therapy? Are your doctors simply treating the symptoms each time it happens?

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@amandaburnett I haven't thought about seeing a rheumatologist. Thank you for the link for doctors.

I haven't asked any of my physicians about IV therapy and not sure that they have any knowledge on it. My doctor right now is just treating the symptoms. I am on nystatin and terconazole cream. It's been one week and I haven't had any relief. In 2016 I took Nystatin for 6 months and it seemed to help it go away but it keeps coming back. I'm worried the yeast is resistant to the Nystatin now. I was looking into Mitchell Medical group in NYC. They have the IV therapy and immunology therapy. I've wasted thousands of dollars on integrative physicians and supplements over the years and it helped at times but there has to be a reason why it keeps coming back. And I can't find a doctor who has enough knowledge about it to be able to get to the bottom of the reason why.