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I have been struggling with candida for over 8 years now. At first I thought it was just chronic yeast infections but after going to multiple gyn's and getting no relief i started going to functional doctors. I've been to 4 functional doctors where I have found out I have celiac disease, allergy to casein, adrenal fatigue, and borderline thyroid issues. I've taken nystatin, and tried the candida diet for 3 weeks with antifungal herbs but it just keeps coming back. I am constantly itchy all over by body (vaginal, eyes, ears, scalp, all over). I get red dots on my skin when it flares up usually on my stomach and armpits. I've also been struggling with chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, I used to work in a sick building where I was exposed to mold and other toxins that showed up on tests. I'm not sure if I have been able to clear the mold and toxins from my body yet and if that is also fueling the candida. I am so discouraged and upset that its so hard to find a doctor who cares to get to the bottom of this. I feel like I'm at the end of the line and don't know where else to go and what type of doctor can help me next. I am starting to wonder if IV therapy for candida is effective and if i should look into that. Does anyone know of any doctors around Baltimore Maryland who specialize in candida? At this point i am willing to travel any where if it means I can find relief from this.

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jgalello, candida is a tough nut to crack. You mentioned red dots on your skin and itchy that may also be from a vitamin C deficiency and
borderline thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety that are symptomatic of a thiamine deficiency (vitamin B1). Thiamine and vitamin C are needed in overall health and fighting candida.. Thiamine has a critical role in digestive health and function which if further impacted by insufficient levels of magnesium causing a deficiency of thiamine because it and vitamin D require magnesium to become bioactive. Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of thiamine that can pass through the blood/brain barrier easier than water soluble thiamine forms. Liposomal vitamin C offers high absorption and long activity. Please research these forms of thiamine and vitamin C. I hope these links offer more answers you are looking for:


I’m currently seeing Silvia Hazel, nurse practitioner. She’s getting her functional medicine license soon. She seems to really care to get to the bottom of things.

Kadin Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center

6212 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD 20852

240.430.1004 (office)

I can totally relate. Most doctors aren't interested because it's symptoms are swing wildly. I've had this for sometime and the only way I can live anything close to normal is to be on a full time candida diet. Along with antifungals. I usually cycle on and off those just to give my body a break. I'm on my last hope here at Mayo and I don't care what I have to endure to get rid of this. Completely ruining my health and basically every other aspect of my life. Let's face it, you are just simply miserable with a condition like this and it's impossible to have any time of fun or social life. It literally runs the show.