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Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer

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Hello @japv2001

Yes, I would encourage you to connect with our Transplant discussion group. Here is the link to the many discussions there, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/transplants/ You will gain lots of information and support. Please read through some of these discussions.

I would also like to invite, @rosemarya, the group's mentor (she also had a liver/kidney transplant) and JK, @contentandwell (who had a liver transplant) to join the discussion with you. They are remarkable people (like all of the folks in the Transplant group) and they will be pleased to discuss their transplant experiences with you.

Do you have a date for the embolization?

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@japv2001 @hopeful33250 I too had malignant lesions in my liver. They were ablated shortly after they were discovered. Mine were somewhat difficult to treat because they were right on the edge of my liver so they had to be particularly careful to not effect surrounding organs. I believe they actually put fluid in to make the separation larger. Because of their location I did have some discomfort the next two days but then I was fine. They also felt I would go home on the same day but due to some scheduling and a machine not working my ablation ended up not being until mid-afternoon so I stayed one night in the hospital, mainly because the anesthesia had not yet worn off.

I would have to go back through my records to be sure, but I believe that was done in the fall of 2015. My transplant occurred in September of 2016. I agree with you, I believe the cancer has to be treated while you wait for a transplant because if not it could increase and possibly even metastasize which could render you ineligible for a transplant. At this point they continue to have me go for MRIs yearly to make sure it did not metastasize.

If you do have any pain or discomfort after the procedure, be assured it won't last long at all. When I have pain or discomfort and realize that it's not unusual and it has a definite limit on how long it will last I can deal with it much better.

The embolization will be on the 8th of this month.I also have cirrhosis of the liver,Is it advisable to do the embolization?

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