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Meniere's Disease

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I can relate to the stuffy feeling. I never heard of occlusion but I do have echo-like sounds of my own own voice. Thank you for the information. The echo in my ears drives me crazy. I purchased the $6000 hearing aids – they help me when my ears are not stuffy but still have problems when my ears are stuffed up which is most of the time. I just read about some hearing aids by SeboTek that is supposed to help occlusion. I don't know anything about this company or their hearing aids but wondered if anyone has heard about hearing aids for occlusion . I do not drink milk or eat any milk products, & very little salt. I will definitely stop the chocolate and see if that helps. II have tried some decongestant but it did not help me.

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@karinzeigler I also never heard of occlusion and have hearing aids Phonic is the brand it has helped me with tinnitus instead of loud ringing it is a quiet humming but yes still there . Going of dairy has helped but hasn't stopped it so I don't know the answer . When my head felt like it was all stuffy the decongestant helped me . Then I became dizzy and started losing my balance Dt. sent me to a Ear Dr. for testing it was a 2 hr test haven't gotten the results yet If anyone finds an answer I would really like to know

@karinzeigler . Googled Sebo Tek – interesting in that their product greatly increased the frequency range. Shall check further! I'm of the opinion that "stuffy ear syndrome" is in some way allergy-related. Checking on that, too!

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