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Meniere's Disease

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I am not sure that I have Menieres or not. One doctor told me I had it – another doctor said no. I have not had the dizziness that I had a number of years back, but I have stuffed ears most of the time. . I got hearing aids which help the hearing somewhat, but when my ears are stuffed up i can barely hear even with the hearing aids. . None of the doctors I have seen have helped with the stuffed up ears. I have taken steroids for a month – that did not help. I watch my diet – very little salt but I do eat chocolate ones in a while. I wish I find a help for the stuffed up ears

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@karinzeigler Hi I also have tinnitus or menieres Dr can't tell what I only have the ringing in ears I use to have the stuffiness but took mucinex for it That cleared that up Going of dairy products has helped .Dr,s seem to not know really like so many things

I too have the the feeling my ears are stuffed up or full all the time. It’s maddening!!! Ive tried everything from sinus meds to constantly popping my ears and blowing my nose. From what I understand there is really no end all be all cure .. unfortunately …

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