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Meniere's Disease

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Dear @phillipflippo, I certainly empathize with your situation. It took years to diagnose my Meniere's. Regarding your hearing test, my hearing would come and go for many years. I could have a hearing test and it would be fine and then my hearing would disappear. I currently wear hearing aides in both ears. I also was taken off of potassium and weaned back on. I went off salt completely and maintain a low-sodium diet but it was also caffeine that was a big culprit for me. And I didn't drink alcohol. Meds did not help me — I was on an anti-nauseam med and diazepam, neither of which did anything. Changing my diet was the key. I hope the meds help you. Also, Meniere's can have a range of severity, Your appointment at Mayo will provide some insight into your situation. I've seen the ENT team in AZ and they are wonderful. Wishing you the best. Take good care of yourself.

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Thank you @estrada53 ! This is some good information to chew on.

Thank you so much for your information. Have had a Meniere's diagnoses by ENT but am eagerly awaiting my appt. at Mayo Rochester in June for further testing. The test they have avail here is simply a hearing test and then a test for vestibular problem given by a p.at.
Was hoping to flunk the vestibular testing but I didn't so was deposited in the Meniere column. I have cut salt daily intake to under 1000mg and seems to help, but still have had some momentary dizziness lately. Have not had a full blown Meniere's attack in over a month and appreciate any info at all about the problem. It does change your life and not in a good way.

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