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Meniere's Disease

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Does anyone have a success story to tell? I tried an injection of Genta Miacin into the ear. My 3rd injection is due in 2 weeks. No Meniere's attacks for 3 years. However, the medication causes loss of balance… Rehab to regain not working to well. Perhaps it is my age as others have succeed. (88)

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@ginomayo Since possible side effects of this antibiotic include vertigo and dizziness, have you discussed this with your doctor? For Meniere's disease, it's terribly important to be on a low-salt diet. Stay with the rehab – sometimes it just takes time.

Hi everyone. I've had Meniere's since 1992 when I was 39 years old. It caused years of episodes, vertigo and hours of regurgitation. I would literally crawl to the bathroom, because I couldn't walk. I was given diazepam to calm the vertigo, along with nausea medication and all to no avail. I had an episode while driving 60 miles an hour on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Nearly killed myself and other folks. Then I stopped using caffeine, lowered my sugar intake and went all low-sodium. I have not had an episode in over 12 years. I do have tinnitus – the ringing in my right ear, where I am now deaf. I wear bi-cross hearing aids. I have tried Lipo-Flavonoid – available at most pharmacies and at Target, etc and online. I did notice a decrease in the ringing. Rehab absolutely worked and I kept the pictures of the exercises on my inside cupboard doors for many years. Whenever I would begin to "feel" the onset of an episode I would begin the exercises. Retraining the brain. Hope this helps someone.

I had the gentamicin injection and couldn’t get out of bed for a month .. what were side effects??