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Long-term Antibiotics for Bronchiectasis & MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Aug 14, 2020 | Replies (164)

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@pejohnston , Hello, and welcome to the Connect community. Do you have a a first name that you would like to use? To answer your question about long term antibiotics; you will see that many of our members are on a long term regimine. Most that are taking antibiotics are taking the 'Big 3' cocktail. People usually are on them anywhere from 18 months to 3 years. I am on a different kind of ongoing regimine. I have been taking alternating singular antibiotics on alternating months. I have been doing this since 2013. It is known as a prophylactic approach. My doctor explained that he liked this approach because it is more tolerable for the organs and prevents the mac from becoming resistant to the antibiotics.

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@lauriefrancis Does your mom has “irritable bowel syndrom” for her bloating? Check the symptoms on the internet. You can also find good info in Dr Balch book “Nutritional healing “. Did she ever had her gallbladder removed? 

 I live in New Brunswick Canada. Also a snowbird and I live in Largo Florida for 5 months and a half.  Good luck with your mom! Nick

@lauriefrancis there is a good infectiologist in Rivière du Loup Qb Dr Harvey!  He treat many patients with the MAC.  When I had a MAC it was diagnosed by a broncoscopy lab test. 

@lauriefrancis Has your mom seen a doctor to check the condition of her ovaries for the symptoms of bloating and painful stomach?

@ling123 she had a hysterectomy. Maybe the ovaries are still there. She's had xray and ultrasound.

@nick52 she has diverticulousis and yes her gallbladder removed 7 yrs ago. After surgery the surgeon said it probably wasn't her gallbladder causing her problems.
We were wondering if the bloating was related to the Mac infection. From what you are all sharing it doesn't seem to be part of the usual symptoms. @windwalker888 am I right?
Thanks everyone!

@lauriefrancis OK. Diverticulosis explains the symptoms of bloating and stomach pain. I don't belie these symptoms have anything to do with MAC, at least not directly.

So much going on with your mom…u need to get tests results before anything, to see what's happening with your mom's abdomen.  They won't start MAC meds till they no what's going on….when all results are in, then they will treat if necessary.  I live

in Toronto and see Dr Brode, and Dr Theodore Mathias at Toronto Western.  These are the best you can get….There is a new philosophy with regards to MAC, and giving the big 3 Antibiotics are given only when you begin to slowly deteriorate.  I started 3 weeks

ago, but I knew it was time…side effects are minimal at this point.  Take one step at a time, starting with CT scan results.  You need to know what's going on in her abdomen first…CT will hopefully help you…if you want a second opinion, it takes 4-5

months to see these Drs…hope this help you✌️

I get that too. "Girl, why don't you eat more." I ask if they would like to make a fat exchange. Let['s them know I'm not deliberately staying thin. It seems no matter how much I eat I can only gain a pound or two and then not sustain it.

@megan123 Thanks so much. Especially for the names of the Toronto Drs. Can I private message you?

@megan123 Thanks so much. Especially for the Drs names. Can I message you privately? I don't really know where to gind that feature on here. But someone sent me a private message. I just don't know how.

Not sure..

Hopefully will go through


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