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CPAP Intolerance

Sleep Health | Last Active: Jul 13, 2022 | Replies (51)

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@baxter33, I certainly can understand your frustration. I have used a CPAP/BiPAP for about 15 years and I will not even take a short nap in the afternoon w/out wearing mine. My mother needs one, but simply can not tolerate the mask or anything on her face when trying to sleep. I have recently had my pulmonologist wanted me to have higher pressures and I began swallowing air. When I turned my pressure back down, i had my hand slapped, but it was either be a little more tired, based on their calculations, or wake up with a stomach full of air and in tremendous pain. I understand the tired for one reason or the other and it is not acceptable that you be shamed by your other providers. When I was in business, we would explain to our attorneys that they were there to explain the law, but we had to run a business and if we got ourselves in a bit of a spot, they were there to minimize the damage. I feel the same way about my Docs. I understand what you would prefer I do, but it is not going to happen and I am paying you to keep me as healthy as possible without me walking or running 3 miles a day. Would it be fair to assume that you initially had a sleep study because of loud snoring? If that was the reason, have you tried some of the other methods that help some people who have that problem? There is a surgery that can be done to help with the apneas, but I think it is only recommended for a small percentage of people. Hope you can find some type of alternative.

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Hello, I use a CPAP machine and have been trying to get use to a mask when I broke out and ended up with a staph infection on my face. I understand the whole law thing and I am told I cannot be qualified for a new mask refit of any kind until april 10th which at that time my doc already sent a script for a nasal pillow do you know of any way to receive it earlier besides a lengthy insurance type appeal?