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I have had 3 thalmic strokes with damage to sensory nerve and the part of the brain that is referred to as the "pain control center " in the left side of the thalamus
The damage has affected the right side of body with foot drop and extreme "electric shock feeling "
also continous " migraine type headaches "
Has anyone else had anything like this ?
I also have super sensitive to noise everything is extremely loud to me
In my right ear , I wear a headband 24/7 to help drown out the sound and the tightness of the headband helps with the constant headache
Thank you in advance for any information you provide me

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Hi @tammynbryan
I moved your message to this existing discussion about thalamic stroke in the Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/cerebrovascular-diseases/) so you could meet other members like @catcat @ktmnep and @kariulrich.

You may also appreciate this article “Stroke rehabilitation: What to expect as you recover” http://www.mayoclinic.org/stroke-rehabilitation/art-20045172?pg=1

Have you taken part in a stroke rehab program? How long ago were your strokes?

My husband had three strokes in April 2021. He describes his right side as if he is holding a wet sponge in one hand and plugging the other into 220 electricity. This is pretty constant when he moves, disrupting his sleep and his therapy. Oddly, when he gets into a pool of water it goes away temporarily. Extreme tightness feeling along right side and numbness but still has mobility. His vision was also affected ... he has a small 1/2”wX 30” h blind spot from both eyes. Sees well away but does affect close up reading etc.

Have you found anything to help ramp down the electrical shock like feeling? Husband had tried Gabapentin and lamotrigine (sp?) but not really helping.

My husband had thalamus strokes in. April 2021...three. He has a serious sensory issue. The electrical shock feeling that you describe along right side of his body. It has been frustrating because so few know or understand what you guys experience! That includes the clinicians! We tried an off label treatment that held great promise for a day but the symptoms quickly returned. His only relief is getting into a pool of water. Oddly, the electrical feeling totally goes away. He exercises in the pool to keep muscle tone on right side. Fortunately, he does not have the headaches! I sure pray there is someone or something that can be found to help help you and all the others dealing with these difficult issues from Thalamic stroke. He has tried a few meds but not really noticing any improvement. Maybe sleeping a lil better with the Gabapentin but no help with sensory issues. There has to be something!! Please share if you have found anything that helps you? Was your vision affected? His was... he has a small blind spot from right out of both eyes. Hence, I do more of his texting etc.