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Hello @ktmnep,

Welcome to Connect. That last statement in your message, "I believe in miracles," – I love it!

I encourage you to view these Q&As on on Connect, where you can also meet a few members who've written about about PCoM Aneurysms.
– Mayo Clinic NeuroChat about Aneurysms and 3D Modeling (New research, Innovative Methods) https://connect.mayoclinic.org/webinar/mayoclinicneurochat-about-aneurysms-and-3d-modeling/
– MayoClinic Neuro Chat about Brain Aneurysms

I'd also like to invite fellow members @patriciadip @buffaloriver @lsatenst1 @soloact @lakelifelady @beachgal8 @maryar into this discussion to share their experiences with stroke rehabilitation, further treatment, and regaining mobility. @hump1278 has also talking about spasticity and may be able to offer their experience.

Here is online information about stroke including rehabilitation, with additional links describing the care at Mayo Clinic and how to request an appointment http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/stroke/home/ovc-20117264.

You may also appreciate this article “Stroke rehabilitation: What to expect as you recover” http://www.mayoclinic.org/stroke-rehabilitation/art-20045172?pg=1

@kariulrich, might you have some thoughts for @ktmnep?

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He also talks about PAIN that seems an awful like it is from the Thalamic damage. If it is, it’s a big deal and should be treated by a knowledgeable neurologist.