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I tested positive for EBV in 2016 despite the fact I had mono while a teenager. Quite frankly, most doctors do not understand this disease or shrug it off with the belief that mono only comes once. If any out there truly know of a good doctor that understands EBV can become reactivated. please let us know. I live in florida

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I’m a 40 year active male that had mono/ebv in college for about 10 months. Been relatively health (workout five days a week) work full time father of two) but have had four EBV reactivations since I was twenty. Currently on a month and a a half of extreme fatigue and malaise. I switched jobs so it was triggered by stress. This isn’t mental people it’s basically herpes 4 and the key is to push it back into hibernation not kill it. Super frustrating

Thanks for your response. Yes, I agree. It is bad enough to have to fight this thing and the doctors, too.

@darkmatter53 I personally have yet to come across a doc who truly understands it. I have seen my primary doc, infectious disease, integrative medicine, endocrinologist, and a GI doc. However last week I came across Dr William Rawls. He is an MD who became ill during his forties. He was dx with fibromyalgia, Lyme, and reactivated EBV. His doctor colleages were unable to provide answers. So he spent several years researching and ended up healing himself with lifestyle changes and herbs. I think he is a doctor who actually gets it. I feel he is legit too. I watched his webinar called "EBV Virus and Chronic Fatigue Connection." I don't have the link handy but you can google him or go to his we site RawlsMD.com.

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