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It has been 9 months for me and I still take naps and now i have widespread pain throughout my body as if arthiritis as taken ovet my entire body .Its hard to walk and I just don't want to move my body at all because of it. Before Mono i was a non stop person.I cant get anyone to truly heear me who specializes in this

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Hi. I have all the symptoms you have and you feel like someone dropped you from a 20 story building. Ice cold night sweats, treated for low Vitamin D. Anemia, palpitations, neurological issues manifesting in my vision. It will be like I am looking at the sun with my eyes closed. Those episodes last about 10 - 20 minutes. I get shaky and my heart will start pounding and beating super fast then the palpitations come. Yeah. I feel for you. My doctor said there is no treatment and to see a psychiatrist for my symptoms. Haha. Yep. So I am in pain management. There is a support group called stuffthatworks.org and so many people have blown their life savings on naturalpathic/functional doctors that cost a fortune and they are all still sick. Some protocols may hold the disease back a bit, but inevitably it wins. I am sorry you are going through this. I am 48 and was just diagnosed in April 2023. It was almost a year of being sent to every doctor under the sun etc. Relieved to have a diagnosis and am letting nature take its course. Much love and try to stay strong buddy.