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Kidney transplant - The Journey from the Donor's Side

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I’m sure I’ve forgotten some of the things but I’ll try to go in order of how it went for me and maybe it will jog my memory as I go.
In October, I signed up on the breeze Mayo site to test as a donor for a named recipient. I was contacted by someone within a few days and she asked various questions about my health and health history. She said if I got things like my colonoscopy, mammogram and pap out of the way, things would go faster, so I had those done. I received a blood lab kit in the mail, my doctor did the draw and I shipped it to Mayo.
I didn’t match on all of the things that can match but she had no antibodies that would reject my kidney so I passed that part. I think I was shipped 2 more blood draw labs and a 24 hour urine collection kit that I did here and shipped back.
The scheduling nurse set up my appointments at Mayo, I still can’t believe how organized and well run it is. I got there at 6AM on December 12th for blood and urine testing and needed to go back for 3 more of those throughout the 1st day. I met with the nephrologist, received an 18 hour blood pressure cuff, had a renal function test, met the surgeon, the donor advocate, financial services and the donor coordinator,
The second day I had a CT scan, got the results of the BP cuff, met with the social worker and a nutritionist, had an electrocardiogram and a stress test, more blood draws, a chest xray and finally back to the doctor for the results. I was asleep in his office in the 4 minutes it took him to come in to see me. We went over my results and he said he would recommend me to the donor board as a candidate.
After I got home, I received calls from the advocate and the social worker. They were checking and and seeing how I was doing and if I was still interested after I had some down time. A few days later I got the call that I was accepted and we talked about a good date for my schedule. The recipient’s side does the surgery scheduling and they called me that day with confirmation.
I’ve since had 1 more blood draw that I shipped to Mayo but I think that’s all I have left to do here besides pack and fill out paperwork. So far, for my pre-op in Rochester, I have 2 more blood and urine tests scheduled as well as appointments with the doctor, surgeon and advocate.
If I could do anything different, I would eat more (or better) when I wasn’t fasting and get to bed earlier because it was hard to sleep with anticipation for the tests. I had a paper schedule and made notes on it that said things like, “fast after 7, 1 cup of water between 12-5. Eat between 9-945. 2 hour fast for test at 11:45” that was invaluable because there were a lot of eat/don’t eat on my instructions. I got to some appointments as much as an hour early and sometimes they were able to take me and sometimes not. I think I would have felt more rested if I had, well, rested during those times instead of trying to beat the clock. I learned that the elevators in the Charlton building are super slow but the volunteer on the lower level is a font of Rochester information.
This was probably way more than you meant for me to reply with but it was nice to get it out!

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That was such great information for me to read, thank you. I’m heading down to mayo January 29-31 for all my testing, as a non directed donor.

@onecentwalsh, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am very happy to meet you. Since you posted in Kidney Transplant discussion, I am guessing that you are testing to be a kidney donor. Is that correct?
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe trip. And I pray for a successful round of testing. Thank you for what you are about to do! People like you are the reason that patients in need of a life-saving organ transplant are able to hold on and to hope until a match is available to them. I am a liver/kidney recipient from an anonymous deceased donor, my hero.

I am happy that our amazing members have been able to provide you with great information from their own experiences. You might be interested in looking at the Living Donor Discussion: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/living-donor/?pg=1
and The Journal from the Donor-side: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/kidney-transplant-from-the-donor-side/

What other questions would you like to ask?
Hugs and Hope,

Feel free to ask me any questions about the testing. If you haven’t gotten your schedule yet, brace yourself. I remember seeing an appointment at 3pm and one at 315 and thinking, no way is this going to work but it did. Also, I patched together an outfit to sleep in while I was wearing the 18 hour BP cuff. It was not beautiful but it stayed on all night and I didn’t have to repeat the test. Let me know if you want that info -or any other weird piece of knowledge. The nurse and social worker both are great sources of info but it is the odd, non medical stuff that I find helpful.

@onecentwaish How wonderful! Being a non directed donor is so needed and so appreciated by those on the wait list (100,000 assuming you are donating a kidney). Thank you for your selflessness! Can I ask what lead you to making such a generous offer?

@IWantToBelieve, I think you were directing several of your recent posts in this discussion to @onecentwalsh.

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