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Hello, I’m Sharon and I have limitations I never had before and never thought of them was I was younger and healthy. Such as, AFibrillation, COPD, stage 3 kidney disease, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, on and on etc. I certainly don’t believe it Denial to look back at what you use to do as longer as there is no morbid dread or fear about today. It is better to live in the moment. I find every morning when I make a grateful list say 4 things I’m grateful for. This starts my day off on a good happy note. Such as I’m grateful for another day of life. Being able to appreciate a beautiful sunset. A roof over my head. Or I could feel isolated and depressed. I also find when I take myself out of the equation and think of how I could call and help someone else, that helps me too. Most people are suffering with addictions or health problems, mental or physical, how sad. You could help with a kind word. It helps, it works.

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I keep a “kindness jar” (now two) beside my bed. It may sound silly but since being diagnosed every little kind word or glance has become like sunlight into my soul. I find myself wanting to hug strangers! Your post I find inspirational. Thank you.

For a year I kept a caregiving happiness jar. Months later, when I read the notes, I realized they were a chronology of my disabled husband’s progress. He started out with two paralyzed legs. Then the feeling came back in his right leg, and some feeling in his left. Thanks to Mayo rehab specialists, he learned how to stand, stand and pivot, take a few steps, and now walks the width of our townhome with a walker, a true miracle for someone with spinal cord injury. My husband, a retired Mayo Clinic physician, is a Mayo miracle. Keeping the caregiving happiness jar made that miracle clear to me. I encourage you to keep a similar jar in 2018. A happy and blessed New Year to all caregivers!

Love your Jar! Good idea. And, Agent Darien knows how loving expertise is given at the Mayo Clinic to all patients as well as him. We are so fortunate to have them as our team. Thank your husband and you for your giving while he was a Mayo MD.

Thanks for your comment. I’m putting the first note in my 2018 jar today.