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Scott, Volunteer Mentor (@IndianaScott)

Central retinal artery occlusion

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@IndianaScott, Hi Scott. I have a Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion (BRVO) It was described to me as a eye stroke, also. In my case a vein leaks and causes a puddle of blood that cannot exit the eye, along with the resulting inflammation. I see through a ‘donut hole’ in my right eye. I get injections of Lucentis to ‘mop’ up the leakage and to reduce the inflammation. I am told that the nerve damage is permanent.

Scott, I don’t know whether there is an urgency or if the damage has already been done, but I wonder if you might ask about being seen by the retina specialist today instead of next week. I think you should make a phone call to the retina office and inquire about that.

Let me know what you find out.
I am willing to share if there is anything you want to ask me.

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Hi @rosemarya I appreciate your input and information! I was told there is no bleeding in the eye, but I will call my retinal specialist again and raise the issue. The ophthalmologist said the damage is already done, and this coming week is as fast as the specialist can see me, but he knows the score and has me on the ‘if anyone cancels shoehorn me in’ list! Getting some other testing done before that so we shall see if there is more to the story on Monday. As we all know, the waiting part is often amongst the tougher assignments we get in our medical journeys!

Thanks for your info and as new questions emerge I will ask here for sure!

Peace, strength, and courage!