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Eye evisceration

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@tlt, I want you to know that I am thinking of you. I hope that you have had the opportunity to talk with the doctor about the procedure and that you have had ample opportunity to ask all of your questions to him/her.
Have you met the doctor who will be performing the surgery? Are you more confident about undergoing the procedure?
Sending a virtual hug.

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Hi, and thank you for checking in. I've met the surgeon who will perform the evisceration on two occasions, and surgery is scheduled for 4/22. I also met with a cosmetic ocularist to find out how that process will work (artificial eye).
My main concerns now are general anesthesia, and the many physical issues that complicate that. Bottom line, I would like to meet with the anesthesia department, but have been told "they don't need to meet with you until the day of surgery." Now, I'm wondering what my rights are in this process to ensure that I don't end up with a tube in my throat for a day or two later due to a collapsed trachea, and several weeks/months of speech therapy/swallowing clearance following this short procedure. This is what happened during the last surgery I had (2016) to fuse my cervical spine. The fusion further complicates intubation and LMA options. I say all of this to, admittedly vent a bit, but also to ask advice of those who may read it. My surgeon is supposed to contact me via phone to discuss all my concerns, and, hopefully, to consider a MAC (monitored anesthesia care) approach with local anesthetic.
I am taking deep breaths, trying to quell this particular anxiety.

Any suggestions on how to be a good self advocate in this situation? Thanks so much!!

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