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Eye evisceration

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@tlt, Welcome to Connect. I do not have any experience to share with you about the upcoming eye surgery, however iIwant to reach out across the miles and offer my extended hand for support. I can imagine how the statement that you need it "now" must have affected you. I had a similar feeling when I heard those words in regard to needing an organ transplant, soon".
If it is any comfort to you, the medical field has made amazing advances in the area of ophthalmology (according to my retina specialist for a branch retinal vein occlusion). Have you met with the doctor who will be performing the surgery?

Like I said, I have no experience with this procedure, however I did locate this information from the American Society of Opthalmalic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery about Eye Removal (Enucleation & Evisceration)
It includes a summary of the procedure as well as risks and complications.
@tlt, Has the surgery been scheduled?

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Thank you so much! Losing a body part is never easy, I imagine, and that includes failing organs or eyes or anything else. And thank you for the link. My doctor told me I could wear a scleral shell to protect my eye, but he made it sound like eye evisceration is inevitable. I've had so so many surgeries that, if it is inevitable, I'd like to get it over with. It too would require a scleral shell (cosmetic, hand painted to match the other eye). I need to ask more questions of my doctor, which have popped up after the initial shock, but he is not returning my messages so far. I have an appointment later this month.

We'll take a look at the link and I can't thank you enough for reaching out with your support. I'd love to anyone who's had this surgery and can tell me what to expect with it. All the best!!

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