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Eye evisceration

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Hello! My husband found this discussion and I am here because I am facing an eye evisceration now. It was this statement that really got me: "I had RA from an early age….too many steroids over a long period of time before the RA burned itself out. Steroids led to chronic glaucoma and uveitis which led to years of eye problems which finally led to this day. I have other medical issues to so that makes things a little more difficult." Me too! I've had juvenile RA since the age of 3, I'm 57 now. Lost the vision in my right eye 10 years ago due to glaucoma secondary to uveitis and longstanding steroid treatments. I'm really nervous about another surgery since I've had so many on my joints, including a neck fusion.

How did your procedure go? Forgive me if I missed that in this discussion because I am legally blind. Were you able to have it done outpatient? What about local vs. general anesthesia? Any complications? How is it living with that eye now? I'm really hoping to hear back from you because we seem to have much in common. Thanks for any input or advice you can offer!!

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@tlt, Welcome to Connect. I do not have any experience to share with you about the upcoming eye surgery, however iIwant to reach out across the miles and offer my extended hand for support. I can imagine how the statement that you need it "now" must have affected you. I had a similar feeling when I heard those words in regard to needing an organ transplant, soon".
If it is any comfort to you, the medical field has made amazing advances in the area of ophthalmology (according to my retina specialist for a branch retinal vein occlusion). Have you met with the doctor who will be performing the surgery?

Like I said, I have no experience with this procedure, however I did locate this information from the American Society of Opthalmalic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery about Eye Removal (Enucleation & Evisceration)
It includes a summary of the procedure as well as risks and complications.
@tlt, Has the surgery been scheduled?

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