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Eye evisceration

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Hello @cahnny! Thank you for posting this conversation. What an important topic of discussion! I can understand how you would be nervous for this procedure. I’ve searched through discussions trying to find another member who has talked about similar circumstances and unfortunately I was unable to find anything. However, my favorite thing about Mayo Clinic Connect is that someone will come looking for this topic of conversation because they too are nervous about the very same thing and they will find this thread and hopefully at that time…you will be able to help them.

If you wouldn’t mind helping the future reader and if you feel comfortable sharing… What are your concerns? and fears? What kind of support has the hospital where you’re having the procedure given you in preparation?

I have worked a number of years in the Head and Neck cancer division and worked with plenty of patients that lost their eye due to cancer. No two patients were ever the same- I’ve met younger women that didn’t have a prosthetic eye placed, older men and women who did. One patient that I met wore a cute pink eye patch that was decked out in rhinestones! However, I wish you the best of luck with your procedure and follow up care after. Please come back for an update and let us know how you are doing- I will check back on you! 🙂

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Thank you Jamie: I’ll try to remember to come back and keep kind of a log. Just remind me if I slack off…lol. Right now I’m just trying to stay calm and relax. I’m having the procedure done at a specialist’s office. They have an ambulatory surgical section. There hasn’t been must “support” other than very nice people telling me what expect and when to be there.

There’s such a lonnng story leading up to this surgery that I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’ll just really try to capsule it and say… I had RA from an early age….too many steroids over a long period of time before the RA burned itself out. Steroids led to chronic glaucoma and uveitis which led to years of eye problems which finally led to this day. I have other medical issues to so that makes things a little more difficult.

As for what I’m having done right now. Friday the surgeon will perform an evisceration and insert a round globe to hold the shape of the eye. I can just live with that globe and wear a patch or…..I think he said a lense could be made to fit over the front of the globe that would look like a real eye lense. Because of my age and our financial situation and the distance I’d have to travel to go to someone who could make the lense, I’ll probably just live with the globe. I just have to find some place to buy soft patches that won’t irriate my face. My husband says he’s not concerned about the way I’ll look and I don’t go out much so I’m not going to be seen a lot anyway. I’ll just wear the patch when I leave the house.

I’ll come back after the surgery and tell you how it went.

@cahnny, I just read your post, and although I am completely unfamiliar with the condition that you describe, I want to wish you a successful procedure. I know that it is hard to stay calm and to relax when facing a surgical procedure.
You mentioned that you don’t feel a whole lot of support from the doctor’s office and unfortunately, that is often the way it is. But, your husband sounds like a real gem! He is the support you can depend on.
You can count on my prayer as you go through this procedure and during your recovery.

@cahnny, I hope that your procedure went well for you and that you are experiencing a steady recovery. Rosemary

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