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Life after HCM Surgery

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Hi positivity,
glad you feel better after myectomy. I am 7 weeks today after mine. Also was consulted with Dr.Ommen and the surgery done by Dr. Schaff. My recovery was smooth, – so far so good and don’t have the symptoms that forced me to look for better option than not working in my case medication (keep my fingers crossed). Hopefully it lasts…

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Hi Vialox

Great to hear that. I have a question, Do you know when will it be ok to start sleeping on my sides? Right now I’m sleeping mostly on back and it kind of hurts if i try to sleep side ways.

Also did you do Cardio rehab? when did you start driving?

first two weeks I slept in recliner. I started checking a side sleeping around 3d week (at the beginning very carefully). After 4th week I sleep on side or stomach without problem. I could drive just after discharge since didn’t have problems with upper body (shoulders), but didn’t do it until day 10 after surgery. My main pain was during laying down and getting up from horizontal position for 2 weeks (that’s why I used recliner). Once I was up I felt virtually as a healthy person, – no problem with walking whatever. I started rehab on week 3 and going to be graduated next Monday. So in total it took 4+ week, though the whole course they proposed is about 12 weeks.
It seems everything healed now, – I don’t have any pain or discomfort – everything in the body felt natural… But just in case I am going to be careful with weight lifting for another month or two and then check with my physician.


Its very encouraging to hear your good experience. I’m very much looking forward to my 4th week so that I can sleep on side and stomach. I’m on 3rd week and did try little bit on side but not fully comfortable. I’m starting to work from home this week (3rd week) and will go to office on 4th. I’m little hesitant about cadiac rehab mainly because taking 3 days every week out of work for few hours will be difficult. How did you get rehab to 4 weeks when the proposal was for 12weeks?

Hi @vialox, Thank you so much for sharing all the info. That is helpfull.
My husband has HCM and will he having his surgery in 3 weeks. I am freaking out.

Can you suggest things that I should get and do for him so his recovery is easy plz. Or anything you wish you knew before the surgery that would have helped Please..:)

Also how did you and ur family stay positive before the surgery..this is hard to do for me. I am super stressed.

My husband is almost 4 weeks post surgery. He has been doing wonderful. He had a myectomy and a triply bypass. Someone had suggested that we buy a remote recliner. So thankful we were prepared. He is still sleeping/sitting in the recliner for the most part. When he tries to lie flat he coughs. Be prepared for no appetite and also that nothing he eats tastes good. I made the mistake of taking a pair of pants a size smaller for him to travel home in ( we are 7 hours away). I did not realize that he would be bloated. He was 12 lbs heavier than when he checked in.

Your husband will do great. Every nurse at St Mary’s was amazing and they will keep your husband and you feeling positive. We could not have had better care.

Thank you sooooooo much. Appreciate your help.


I was freaking out after diagnosis too, but after reading a lot of people’s experience over here and on 4hcm forum calmed down.
Usually people more prone to report about bad things, but both forums are flown by positive outcomes. In my case it triggered my decision to look for symptom relieve by surgical means, though in the COE clinic + by one of the Mayo’s star-surgeon. When they put me on table I was calm as boa… and now after 5 months passed don’t regret about the decision a bit. Somehow my confidence was convincing to family members, – so they didn’t have hard time. They checked me regularly after the op on my 1st wake up, and following days and in between visited local sights. I agree with nightlite8 about the nurses there – they are super professional and the same time very kind …
In other words, – everything is going to be OK. Even more than OK. Your husband will see the difference maybe not the next day but after a week for sure. Wish you well!

Thank you so much. You are the 1st person who replied on my freaking out feeling. Thanks so much.

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