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Hi there .. the weakness in my legs is always there .. I always keep moving them to try to strengthen them but to no avail. I have actually put my back against a wall and slid down to keep from falling but then couldn’t get up. Lucky for me I have a good hubby as well as a Lifeline Support.

Have a good day.


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Hi Evelyn,
My Dad (who is in end-ish stage PD and dementia) also had weakness in the legs which led to a serious fall and broken hip. Once we got him home from the hospital we purchased one of those small pedalling gizmos you put on the floor in front of any chair…like cycling but my dad sits in a lift chair lazyboy while he’s doing it. He is almost entirely immobile/bedridden except he has the strength in his legs to use a walker to the bathroom. One person on each side makes sure he doesn’t tip over but the leg strength is amazing and I’m sure it’s from the “cycling”. They are quite inexpensive new and I’m sure even more reasonable pre-loved. Maybe it’s worth a try?
Good Luck,

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