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Hello Evelyn, @ruby7dnj

I appreciate your adding to our discussion about PD. I see that you are a new member to Mayo Connect.

I would like to introduce you to other members of our PD discussion group, @chrisj2491 @denie57 @johnjames @trouble4343 @ggopher @aperob @caryp43 @burgle @macbeth @knightkris @mariemarie @pjsammy @techi @sandycerem @bobbieingeorgia @gulfer @mojo1965 @brittalisse. I am sure that will also add their welcome to you as well.

Please share with us, as you feel comfortable, some more information about your PD diagnosis. For example, did you have symptoms of PD a long time before you were finally diagnosed (many of us have had symptoms for years before a diagnosis was made)? Have you had any treatments, like physical therapy, to help strengthen your legs and help with your balance?


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My husband has Parkinsons and as he ages, it becomes more difficult for him to navigate without falling, or enjoying a conversation without drooling.  He is compromised further by vision problems.  He now uses a  roller walker.  I'm afraid to leave him alone for fear he will fall.  I employ a part-time qualified care-giver.  It may not be sufficient.  
He has terrible pain which our primary care physician offers no remedy or dx.  
He also sleeps excessively, falls asleep watching TV in the morning, afternoon.
He was on the excelon patch for a few years which his new physician decided to stop. He has never shown any memory loss and is intellectually very sharp.  
 I don't know if his primary care physician did this in consultation with his highly regarded Parkinsons specialist.  He has never shown any memory loss, so the patch may not have been necessary in the first place.  But she has also reduced his medications, again may not have been in consult with the neurologist.
I appreciate comments.

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