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Hello @ryman, have you been seen by a physician for diagnosis of sleep apnea? That would be a great place for you to start. Maybe there is something going on that you are not aware of, causing your restlessness?

Since you don’t like taking medication, is there something natural you can do or take that would suit your needs?

Here is a link I was able to dig up on 5 ways to sleep more sound. http://mayocl.in/2nPDfBT I found it interesting and hope you do too.

@ryman, would you be interested in changing the topic title on your post so when other members are searching to meet someone who is also suffering from waking often and feeling bad in the mornings, it’s easier to find you? Might I suggest something like “Not sleeping through the night- looking for non medicated remedies…Any suggestions?”

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Thank you. Sleep is one of my problems. Recently I was diagnosed with low level oxygen and they wanted to give me nighttime oxygen. I thought I would have a sleep test then but they had me wear an oximeter one night at home. Insurance said it didn’t stay low long enough. Anyway, I am having a lot of dizziness and other symptoms so this week I have a brain MRI, a halter monitor test and see a neurologist. I will see where that goes. I will check out the website. Thank you. And how do I change the title of my post?

Hi Ryman,
I’ve changed the title of this thread as Jamie suggested. Only administrators can change thread titles. Let me know if you’d like it changed to something else.
Sounds like you have a number of issues that you’re tackling with your care team. I hope you get to the bottom of with the upcoming tests.

“Insurance said it didn’t stay low long enough.”

It is really frustrating these days how insurance companies think they can do a better diagnosis than your doctors without ever even seeing you.

Welcome to Connect, @n7mk. Do you also have problems sleeping through the night? I usually do too. I always have to get up several times to go to the bathroom. I live in an area that experiences snow and winter temperatures. It is particularly cold this year and I have found the hibernation instinct to be really helpful right now. Despite having to get up in the night, I am able to fall asleep again easily and deeply. I’m hoping this continues for an extended period of time.

What wakes you at night?