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Ischemic stroke

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I really didn't have any symptoms prior to the stroke that I recall. In fact, I didn't know it was a stroke when it happened. I was sitting by the fireplace one morning and went to get up and sort of lost my balance and then my left side of my face, the left side of my waist, and my left foot all felt strange after that. So I went for tests and they said it was the stroke.

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That must have been frightening. How are you doing now?

Thank you Kari! It was frightening! I'm doing fine. I do exercise more - my doc told me that sometimes with exercise, the brain will re-route the area around the portion that was effected by the stroke. I'm hoping he is right!

Thank you for sharing! I have FMD of both my carotid arteries and I am at a higher risk for stroke, my fear is will I know if it is happening before it is too late, and what will it feel like? I know everyone if different, but the thoughts are always there.

re: "The thoughts are always there."

And will be every day evermore for each of us who has had even a relatively minor close call. That's one of the potential values of this group: Being able to say that and having others who truly understand. My sister's and friends responses have been almost unanimous and nearly the same words: "Well, we're all dying every day" or "We all die someday." Yeah, sure. But coming face-to-face with it as something that could happen every day is quite an adjustment and discombobulating, to say the least. They have no idea. Or maybe they just don't know what to say. That's easy. Just some indication that they know how we feel, such as "That must be really scary."

Like you, I too had no idea I was having a stroke
My only symptom was “pins and needles” in one foot
that wouldn’t go away
Then, I tried to get up and walk and I couldn’t stand on my left leg. Finally called my dr, who told me to call an ambulance.. that I was having a stroke. An mri showed that I had been having mini strokes for some time