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Ischemic stroke

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Hi @lsatenst1,
I add my welcome to John's. I'd like to introduce you to two additional Connect members. Please meet @beachgal8 who also has experience with ischemic stroke. And @fekind who writes about her fiancé having insatiable hunger after having had a stroke. You can read more about each of them in these discussions on Connect:

- Let’s talk stroke prevention with Thomas Brott, M.D. http://mayocl.in/1sS5xvN
- Stroke survivor - always hungry http://mayocl.in/2kaB4Fk

Lsatenst, does hunger accompany your weight gain?

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I've had a significant amount of weight gain since my stroke in June. Most I've ever weighed. Yes, I am seeing a nutritionist. I am so fatigued all of the time, not sleepy. Getting more blood work done to look at hormone levels. I'm not lazy, just lost interest in things. And I do not dream anymore. I used to have vivid colorful dreams every night. I kind of started using my dreams to process and plan my days.
I sleep well. I'm not sleepy but always feel fatigue. I'm never starving, but now have eaten more sugary snacks. I was never a real "sweets" person before stroke. More savory.