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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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what is the information that you get from Prolia 60mg SC injection. Can you please share it to me. It will be very kind of you.

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I would be careful contacting "Prolia staff"…..AMGN has a lot at stake in this drug, and the staff will IMO dismiss concerns in favor of encouragement to use the product. i am looking for people who can testify as to its efficacy.

I would also like to know the results of AMGN's "risk evaluation and mitigation strategy" as well as the results of the surveillance program to monitor more than 4,500 women already taking the drug back in 2010 .

The most common side effects with Prolia (seen in more than one patient in ten) are musculoskeletal

common side effects found to be common were:
Urinary tract infection
Upper respiratory tract infection
Pain in extremity
Musculoskeletal pain
pain in the extremity.
Musculoskeletal pain, including severe cases, has been reported in patients receiving Prolia in the
post-marketing setting. In clinical trials, musculoskeletal pain was very common in both denosumab
and placebo groups.

I cannot post the link but you can find it on your own. AMGN has a market cap of $129.131B. They need to pump that pipeline.

do your own due diligence folks.

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