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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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My service dog is with me every Sunday at church, and many people know she’s a psychiatric service dog. I’ve never felt any hostility or negativity. The church I used to go to were very accepting, and were really sad when we changed to another church. The only reason we left was that the pastor didn’t believe in psychology or psychiatry, and made me feel wrongly judged. I think the church is growing up in its misperceptions of mental illness. I am a retired minister, and have felt the stigma firsthand. It’s unfortunate, because that’s certainly not what Jesus modeled.

I just changed my profile picture to a colored pencil drawing made of my previous service dog, Barnabas, who died a year ago.


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Sounds like Scientology which as far as I’m concerned is a cult! I just got down reading a book on them YIKES!

You’re right. Scientology is a cult and is scary. I belong to a conservative denomination that is very orthodox in its biblical positions. There are both loving and critical people in every organization, Christian or not, in my experience.

Jim- I’m a retired Army Chaplain and also with many war wounds- like most soldiers, we have 100″s of Service Dogs- for ” PTSD” and many other type emotional and psychological issues and we use service dogs also ( many of us-use them all the time- in and out of church) Sounds like ( if I can say- you have a pastor who is old school, and think psychology is evil, I understand that there is those in the profession that doesn’t believe or teach the bible as real- those types of counselors I don’t go see- there are many that are not that way, and filler what they say with and through the Bible- as we should, I believe. But I’m a Christian, Chaplain ( same as a pastor- except my folks are all troops) And your right on- Jesus would not ask you to take the dog out of the church. Many ” even pastor” are not really trained and have went to seminary to understand both and yes the Bible is first- always, but there is a place for psychology Gods animals are wonderful and can make our day with some peace and happiness we need- which GOD provides that Dog, or Horse, which is being used allot for Vets. A Christian Psychologist needs to talk to that Pastor and explain what the difference is- I think he is scar of doing that God would be angry for. I hope this helps and makes sense. Don’t even up- or ever think God sees it that way- He would be sitting next to you enjoying the love of your dog with you. JJAMES

Thanks, @johnjames. The pastor I referred to is becoming more and more old school, and more rigid and legalistic. I went to that church one time for some special event, and sneaked Barnabas in, and no one kicked us out or made any comments. I’ve shaken their dust off my feet.

@lesbatts and @jimhd You both mentioned that something sounded like Scientology, however, I’m not sure what you are referring to. If you would, please explain. Thanks! Teresa

I referred to a pastor who didn’t think christians should go to psychiatrists or psychologists, which is something that scientology teaches.

@jimhd Thanks, Jim. That explains it. Teresa

Scientology is a so called religion started by L Ron Hubbard. He wrote Dianetics which is supposed to explain the whole religion (cult). I read the book years ago. The guy is a nut case and I can’t figure out how anyone can believe what he exposes. Tom Cruise is a major player in this cult. Go to youtube and put his name in and Scientology it’s an eye opener.

Really sorry my friend- he is not correct- but I would bet the people don’t feel that way. But sometimes- as you said, it’s better to move on to a group of Christians who put people first as the Lord says to do. JJAMES

Thanks, John. I’m sorry for all the issues you face. I think that for some people, as they get older, they are able to enjoy travel, and enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and all kinds of activities. Unfortunately, we aren’t in that segment of society, are we.

I know that my father had depression, and I’m pretty sure his mother did, as well, and probably his father. My mom was quite depressed the last couple of years of her life. Some of my siblings deal with it, too. So, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I do. Healing seems elusive. I feel ok sometimes, even laugh at things – I didn’t laugh for a long time – but just thinking of the word depression, or some other word or event, makes me feel sad immediately in my gut. I feel like a real burden on my wife, who’s never experienced depression. These thoughts and others stir up thoughts of suicide, of being very tired of life. All of this makes me realize that I probably need to find a therapist soon, something I am pursuing.

Gotta go to bed. God bless and keep you, John. Peace be with you.


Ron Hubbard started out as a science fiction writer. Even his fellow science fiction writers wonder why he would make up his own religion.

Jmhd, just read your post and family genetics and depression. And thoughts of suicide. Well, i am with you on this. Runs wild in all my family and two of my children. I guess i would call myself “passive suicidal ideations”. I have had so many years of therapy and it did help. It sounds like a good idea to maybe get on that today, if you feel up to it. I am praying for you, as we all are.

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