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Pain rehabilitation

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Hello lynettgable. I have been searching for members who have gone through a pain rehabilitation program.

While I continue my search, would you mind sharing a bit more about your interest in the pain rehab program? Was the program recommended to you at your most recent visit to Mayo Clinic? What concerns do you have about the program that you are looking for other members to address?

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Replies to "Hello lynettgable. I have been searching for members who have gone through a pain rehabilitation program...."

I went through Mayo's Pain Mgmt. Clinic in May of 2015. I have mixed feelings about my experience. The program attempts to teach you how to "manage" your pain without opioids. It also shows you how to find alternate ways of doing things to minimize your pain. They were able to get me off Opioids the first week with minimal discomfort, which for others was traumatic. I have maintained an Opioid-free life since the class. Their approach proved to be too much to remember and maintain successfully. Although I do not take opioids for pain, I have found a lifesaving way to minimize my pain. About 2 months ago my doctor asked if I would consider Medical Marijuana as a treatment for my pain as it is available in Minnesota since August. I agreed and and after a brief visit with a state-approved MD who referred me to a state approved pharmacy to decide what form and dose would be best for me. It was advised I take a 50/50 mixture of THC and HBD orally twice daily and a 100% THC SL spray for breakthrough pain which I rarely need. I have seen MANY posts regarding their "experiences" with otc or mail order forms of low quality marijuana and have this advice.......if you haven't tried the real stuff as directed, don't knock it. No, it may not perform as satisfactorily for everyone, but that does not mean it is a bad thing.
As for cost.....in Minnesota you are to pay the doctor $250 in cash or debit card as well as another $250 for the pharmacy PLUS, for me, for both solutions I pay $250/month. the 50/50 solution alone costs $180 per month. As a deal breaker for me, I cut back on the Lyrica I take which for me was $650/month so I am actually saving money.

I live in Iowa so the medical marijuanna is not an option. I am planning on going through the pain clinic. What do you think your outcome would be if you didnt have that option?

I did not for many years. I am comparing the medical marijuana to traditional prescribed medicines and the results last longer without Rx affects.

Don't get me wrong. I HAVE benefited from the pain clinic. I have learned how to relax, how to pace myself, learned new ways of doing tasks, and a host of other ways to minimize. I also made new friends who share the same challenges in life as me. Many were in worse shape than I. Maybe you should consider moving to Minnesota and have the best of both worlds. LOL. Good luck at the pain clinic. They are wonderful, dedicated people who truly care about YOU.

Thank you! So what was the source of your pain?

I have chronic fine fiber neuropathy to my knees and hands from Flagyl. As well as scoliosis, Lumbar,2 ,Cervical and Thoracic. Plus a chronic digestive problems. THIS WAS ALL CAUSED BY PHYSICIAN ERROR. VERY DISENCHANTED WITH US MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. I DO LIKE MASS GENERAL AND ITS ASSOCUATES LIKE DABA FARBER AND BRIGHAM WOMANS.


It's continuous, forever, fine fiber neuropathy given the incorrect med. Flagyl. Also, my spine, and have an entirely destroyed digestive track due to antibiotics. Told IDS I was going to get TOXIC MEGA COLON and did nearly died and still may. Continuing to fight additional new problems coming up from the old problems as I sit here in the middle of the night in pain, afraid to sleep if I could. Will now always be in pain and worse.

I gave a problem with Lyrics and will never take it again. Much too dangerous.

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