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Fibromyalgia pain: Let's connect

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I tried a diet plan that a doctor wrote and for me it worked. It had something to do with not eating anything from the night shade families such as anything with tomatoes, potatoes, etc. You do have to follow it exactly but it is worth it plus you can lose some unwanted inches as well.

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I’m very intrigued by this. I have never heard of night shade family foods. I will look for it online for sure. thank you and I hope you have a great day!
Clownscrytoo 🙂

I’m interested in the diet & also have not heard of night shade family. Do you take Gabapentin? I’ve gained 40 pounds & my Dr’s are not helping me to lose weight! Does anyone have help to lose weight while taking gabapentin????

I take 300 mg of Gabapentin nightly and sometimes afternoon on bad days. When I do that I can’t stuff enough food in towards evening, reassuring to hear others have the issue.

The auto immune solution …is a good book and talks about this

Hi Angie, I’ve gone through a lot of the same issues you’re talking about. Unfortunately with the weight gain, the only way I found to treat the weight gain was to just stop taking the medication. Effexor, Cymbalta, gabapentin and I’m sure others can cause weight gain. They used Effexor for pain maybe 15 years ago and with me I put on 30 pounds in less than six months. Now I’m on Cymbalta and I’ve put on 15 lbs in a month. As soon as I stopped the Effexor, the pounds just melted away. I’m hoping the same happens when I stop Cymbalta. Unfortunately that means you lose your pain med. The problem is once you start putting the weight on, with any of these medications, there’s nothing I’ve found to stop weight gain except stopping the medication. In my experience it just keeps going up and up, so I had to stop. I look back at pictures of me and I was much heavier than I am naturally.

I also haven’t found a doctor that’s very sympathetic. The Dr. that was prescribing the Effexor for my pain actually called me a heifer cow from (the town I lived in, which was farm country). “He” thought he was joking with me. Not funny when you’re talking to a woman who’s rapidly putting on weight.

I hope you find a good solution that it doesn’t involve discontinuing the medication. If you find it please post it.
Thank you, Jen

What do u mean by night shade? Ice never heard of such a thing

@wandamiller Night shades is a group or family of foods such as peppers, tomatoes, etc. Here is a link to more information on them

All the things I love. :/

@wandamiller I love them too. I eliminated them from my diet and didn’t notice any difference. I added one at a time in then took it back out. Bottom line…they didn’t seem to have an effect on me.

Nightshades are a botanical family of plants, more technically called Solanaceae. These plants all have certain characteristics in common (like the shape of the flower and how the seed is arranged within the fruit–Wikipedia has a good description). There are more than two thousand plant species in the nightshade family, the vast majority of which are inedible and many of which are highly poisonous (like deadly nightshade and jimsomweed). Tobacco is a nightshade. Some people believe that we can develop a reaction to Nightshades, but you might as well stop eating:{ Peppers…the list is very long and it is very hard to determine a reaction. If any of us knew exactly what made us feel ill, we wouldn’t eat it.

I don’t get too many Msgs forwarded from here but you folks are the most understanding and sharpest of any of the blogs I inhabit. (FM 30 years, last 5 hell).

Have you noticed that there are many more people expressing pain, especially lately?
I am thinking that the charged and fractious Political environment makes us more tense; consequently, more in pain. A chiro friend of mine told me that whenever there was a lot of bad news his Fibro patient started getting worse. I really took it to heart and try to step back from those events to which I cannot effect any change. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be active and contribute, but I have to make myself step back from the noise, haste, and just hateful stuff that gets spewed out these days. I’m sure it was always this way, but now it is instantaneous and relentless. This blog is the only one I’ve ever been on, and while it breaks my heart to hear how many people suffer, I feel less alone. R

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