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Has anyone had an insertable Cardiac Monitor?

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This is great news, @crashnam! I moved your message to this discussion so that you can meet other members who also have/had a heart monitor implant. I’d also like to invite @regeanna @traceysmith to join this conversation and share their experiences with this device.

How are you feeling, Larry? Are you able to continue day-to-day activities?

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Hi Kanaaz. Implant went fine. My days have been fair to good for about 6 months. As you may recall I have both intermittent AFIB and PVC’s. The PVC’s are actually much more bothersome and worrisome than the AFIB. Some days I pretty much just push myself to do things even though the PVC’s with all their skips, jumps and hesitations will be driving my crazy. Some days my heart will feel weak, and sensitive like a hair trigger and the slightest move sets off the PVC’s and occasional AFIB. Other days, my heart will feel normal, with a normal beat, but still will have the PVC’s. Just can’t figure it out. Bowled in a league for 40 years, but decided not to bowl this year. Hopefully can get things straightened out so I can feel confident to bowl again. Still smoke and drink black coffee everyday. Just haven’t had the willpower to stop for a while to see if it cuts down on any of my symptoms. It’s a nervous habit, and of course PVC’s and AFIB make me nervous. Thanks for your concern.

Larry @crashnam

Glad to hear that you have a new tool at your disposal, Larry. Does this implantable device send information to your doctor directly or do you have to go in and have it read periodically?


It sends the information direct at a specified time at night which is programmed into the system. Mine in particular starts transmitting at midnight.

Hi Larry, you mention that you haven’t had the willpower to quit smoking. It’s tough and I am definitely not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. But, I want to let you know about BecomeAnEX – a proven quit plan guided at your own pace and online community support. You can read more about getting support here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/smoking-quitting/

Hi Colleen. Thanks for the information. I will look into it. At this point however, I don’t know what good it would do. In a way, I kind of hope that smoking is causing some of the palpitations. If I quit and nothing changes, that would be a real let down for me. The mind works in curious ways. I am the type that looks at all kinds of different scenarios for everything, while trying to reason them out one by one. However, many times when I think I have solved something, or come close, the bottom falls out. Again, thanks for the info.

I get that, Larry. The mind does indeed work in curious ways.