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Grover's Disease

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You need a biopsy to be positive.

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Just be aware that your GD must be in the active stage for the diagnosis to be correct. It took over a year for a derm to finally guess that I might have GD and by then my 1 year outbreak was calming down. My papuales, front and back of torso, upper and lower torso with only the sides clear were crusted and falling off at that time. My diagnosis was negative, but there was no doubt in my derms mind or mine after doing research that is was GD. I had 6 months of calm and then it came back and both derm and I decided not to bother with biopsy. To give any of you hope, each recurrance only lasted 6 months, giving me 6 months off and each time it was slightly less severe.
Because of cilanto I'm still free of GD doing all my regular outdoor activities!