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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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gardeningjunkie: You are probably the most prolific person who posts on this site. Kudos to you. I'm still struggling with my GD,going on 8 months now. My bathroom counter is running out of space due to creams, lotions, & ointments. I'm still on Blexten, Accutane, and now have to rely on a sleeping pill in order to get any quality sleep. 2 nights ago I tried to go without it & was virtually awake from midnight til 6:00 a.m. I'm becoming dependent on a sleeping pill. Nothing wrong with an addiction, right? Not! Anyway I want to ask you if you could inquire how we could have the format of this site altered so that we can see replies, right under someone's post. Right now we have to search to see if there are any replies. I still have a high aluminum count which I believe could be the under-lying cause of my GD. But the Derm. doesn't seem to agree. I'm also seeing a Rheumatologist now who will start from scratch to try and determine why I have GD and another problem related to a joint replacement(TKR) that is now 2 years post-op and I have swelling & pain with that.

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If the site can't alter the format consider the fact I often learn from others, even if it wasn't a reply to my comment. You are trying many treatments and I have mentioned the only one that I am certain helped and has kept me clear, even when I stopped using last Dec is the cilantro detox smoothies. Like you I have a high moderate aluminum allergy, nickle and several mild allergies to 3 other metals. I The metal allergies showed up in a test even after my metals blood test. I don't know about the count, just the allergic reaction. Flanax Liniment I have mentioned on other posts, a capsacian topical, is the topical that helped with itch. It burns madly for about 15 secs and surprisingly the burn feels better than the itch and then I would get about 30 of moderate itch relief which would allow me to fall asleep. I learned to never move off my sides at night as my sides were always clear of the papuales.

I think it's great that you have a doctor who is trying to figure out why you have GD. Few doctors even ask that question. Laziness or overwhelmed? Don't know the reason.

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