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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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@gardeningjunkie – The cream is Zinc-Oxide Plus by First Aid Research Corp (no big brand name).

When it comes to mercury, Dr Dantzig is actually a dermatologist connected with Columbia University. Some people with terrible persistent cases on the Skin Cell forum reached out to his office when they finally found a doctor locally willing to listen. Reportedly, his office boasts over a 90% cure/treatment rate via testing for mercury and using Chemet (a DMSA) to treat. Chemet is strong and will clear our everything — not just mercury — so it may not be specific to that one heavy metal. But between his success and cilantro, there appears to be a decent correlation to heavy metal toxicity or at least an individual’s natural ability to excrete those toxic substances. There was one woman with persistent GD for 10 years who had hers clear up with his protocol and it has not returned (although she periodically has to go back on Chemet as her body accumulates heavy metals and she routinely tests high).

On an unrelated note, has ANYONE had a dermatologist that is anything other than indifferent or interested in doing more than the usual lazy prescribing of steroids, etc.? I’m typically a supporter of science and following your doctor’s advice but the utter disinterest in — admittedly anecdotal — cheap treatments that don’t do any harm (cilantro, zinc oxide, etc.) or investigating the possibilities presented by Dr. Dantzig is disheartening.

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I was initially diagnosed with a rash & itching characterized as GD 2 years ago, however was inconsistent with other symptoms such as itching with no rash, and from head to feet. The itching was maddening, and nothing worked to sufficiently reduce the pain & itching sufficiently to sleep more than an hour at a time. The rash, where it did occur, seemed to morph into Eczema-type characteristics, and my Dermotologist suggested I try Dupixent. I can tell you this was a game changer, after 5 weeks of being on it, the rash and itching was 80-90% abated, and feel normal again. I’ve been on it for 3 months now with no side effects. My Derm told me there would be several other new biologics coming to market and hopefully might offer others the same type of miraculous results Dupixent gave me.