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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Dear Babbs, Your research astounds me! It's amazing how motivating misery is; forces us to educate ourselves.
The article you referenced has scientifically researched information is above my level of comprehension, yet I did take away that heavy metals do negatively affect our bodies. I have been taking Chlorella for months. I read it helped with metal removal but I didn't understand the science behind it. I was taking it simultaneously with the cilantro, which now I understand from your explanation is not the proper order. I have been taking NOW brand, Chlorella 1000 mg once daily with no noticeable negative side effects. I stopped the cilantro a month ago, but still take the Chlorella. It's inexpensive Algae full of chlorophyll and beta carotene and figure it's good for me for those reasons alone.

Cold Sores, herpes 1, are a mystery to me. My husband of 51 years has suffered with them occasionally when younger but as a senior they were frequently recurring until he started on Valacyclovir treatment. He takes 5 mg daily or if he did become symptomatic about every 3 months in the same spot on his lower lip he takes 1 gram for a few days. He must take the 1 gram to stop it right at the beginning of the tingle sensation he recognizes as a recurrence. Before Valacyclovir his cold sore could last for months. I learned that bee propolis in ointment form helps some with cold sores- both healing and suppressing it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I ordered on Amazon and now after he has been using for about 6 months can say absolutely his recurrence rate is less, in 6 months only one beginning outbreak; short lived. I have shared info about Valacyclovir and propolis to friends ravaged with cold sores and they have had great success. Now I am wondering if the Valacyclovir PX could help with GD. I may ask my derm for a px when my next GD recurrence starts and see if I can be allowed to be a Guinea Pig. If not may simply get into my husbands stash, I keep extra amounts of the 1 gram stocked because if he has a recurrence he must take it ASAP to suppress it and often these pill expire but I don't discard unless years old, just in case. When my trunk is broken out from GD it would not be realistic to think I could coat the entire area with small propolis tube of ointment, but may try in a limited area to see if it helps. He has been using Propolis Ointment Homopathic, 30 gram tube (3 pack) $16.17, made in Russia by Mos Pharma from Amazon with free shipping.

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You all are so good at your research. The article about the detoxing was way over my head. From what I understand detoxing with cilantro should not be done unless taking the Chlorella supplement prior. Due to the toxins going to another area which could cause more problems. Did I get the just of that correctly? I’m not taking the Chlorella supplements. I did try cilantro with a recent breakout. I did not do as much as others did which was about 1 cup. I did about 10 sprigs cut it up along with stems and hid it in my salads for a week. Probably not a detox amount. I’m assuming I’m ok even though I’m not taking Chlorella supplements. It was a tough week of itching and a few bumps but mostly gone and not itchy for a couple of days now. Still a few on my upper back shoulder area but crusting up and not itchy. Was also applying Sarna. In any case good for now. It also got cold and rainy in California and been indoors as we all know with the corona virus. So being inside may have benefited too. In any case my question is should I not be doing the cilantro even in small amounts if I’m not taking Chlorella?