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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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The arginine / lysine connection was made by me because I started to explore the theory that GD, while not Herpes, is Herpes-like. It comes on from a variety of triggers, sometimes heat and sun. Sun can be a trigger for Herpes 1. It can come once, or it can recur, much like other forms of Herpes. The first attack is often the worst. In me, it travels up and down my trunk by levels, suggesting a spinal source, not a systemic or skin source. And the fact that quite a number of us found ourselves with GD after shingles shot (and in some cases, including mine, shingles.) The fact that it did not touch the area of skin where my shingles occurred reinforced that impression. So I looked for what could aggravate and what could alleviate Herpes, and that's where arginine/lysine appeared in my research. It was just a wild guess and for me, it yielded a great result. Your diet is already rich in lysine - but my diet is high in arginine and low in lysine. I adopted my diet (essentially the original Pritikin diet, not the watered down version they promote now,) because my brother had serious heart disease. He went on this diet and I did too. My diet was very close to it when I started, so it wasn't a big change for me.

The cilantro connection does suggest heavy metals in some cases. In my case, the cilantro, and taking zeolite, which should also remove heavy metals, including mercury from my system, did nothing. BTW, my research on cilantro as a detox for mercury mentioned that it can removed mercury from organs which puts it into your circulatory system but if you don't take extra measures to remove it, mercury can redeposit itself in even more harmful ways. I read that chlorella should be taken 45 minutes to an hour before cilantro to help with the removal of mercury from the bloodstream. Here's an NIH article about chelation/detox that reviews some of these issues: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3654245/. Chlorella may be next on my list to use. What a journey!

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I am male (75) with recently diagnosed GD. Also I had a TKR done in July of 2018 which is still a problem. I developed a rash around my operated knee leading me to think I was having a metal sensitivity to my knee prosthesis. So I opted to pay the $ and get tested for that. The tests came back -ve for the metals in the knee but +ve for Aluminum! My numbers were over the hi limit. I have no idea how I come to have so much aluminum in my blood. (I don't use alum. cookware) Big Question: Is it possible that this level of Aluminum is responsible for my GD? If so, will taking Cilantro (help) remove this metal from my system? I am desperate. I sleep maybe 3-4 hrs. at night then I scratch for several hours before falling asleep for 1- 1 1/2 hrs due to exhaustion. I have blood stains on my pillow, sheets, shirts, underwear etc. I sometimes forget to carry my cell phone but my back scratcher is my constant companion. I'm on Acutane (10 mg), Blexten(20mg) and Lyderm(0.05%) cream. None of which is helping at all. My rash is everywhere. Bumps are forming, becoming permanent. Clothing, pressure, seems to aggravate the condition. There is no relief. It makes me think, wonder how human beings have survived this long with so many frailties, so many conditions, diseases. Evolution must have missed something or our DNA would be better equipped to handle these sorts of events.